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I am writing this on a Monday – a day that ancient earth traditions tell us is ruled by the celestial body the Moon, the energy of which is associated with the power of intuition, imagination and psychic abilities.  For me, over the years, it has become the day of the week that I find myself diving in to reflection practices. Lucky enough to work from home, I always reserve time on Mondays for deep reflection – turning inward, seeking answers and guidance from spiritual sources.

Tapping in to the natural rhythms and energy from the planets flowing through the days of the week has become an established way of living in a sacred manner for me. The reflective and intuitive nature of Monday, is naturally followed by the Mars-ruled Tuesday – with its drive and energy Tuesday is naturally an action day for me. It is a day that I often find myself deliberately planning to initiate projects.

Tuesday’s actions being based upon the inner wisdom and guidance that I have received during Monday’s reflections.  Tuesday begins the new cycle of activity that Monday attuned me to.

Aligning with these natural and cosmic rhythms has become a way of life over time.

In turn this has incrementally increased my capacity for Self reflection and the benefits that has on wellbeing and soul growth.

For close to 20 years now I have taken time each day to self-reflect. To self-evaluate my state of being, to tune in to my energy vibration and in some way tune into the state of my consciousness.

For some people this is known as ‘me-time’ and can be exercising – running, walking or being out in the garden or nature for example.

For others it is journalling or keeping a reflection journal.

At different times over the years, these things have all been part of my stress management and wellbeing protocols that have helped me through the ups and downs of life.

But there comes a time in our unfoldment when the soul calls more loudly and we start to want to live life more consciously, with more purpose, deliberately increasing the evolutionary process.  No longer content simply focused on having less stress, or being more productive in our everyday worlds, but actually embracing our soul growth and  fulfilling our life purpose. We seek our destiny and true calling, and the soul urge grows we find ourselves on a spiritual journey and seeking ways to ‘know thyself’.

It is at this point that a deeper self-reflection practise becomes essential.  One that develops objectivity within ones consciousness – a daily stock take so to speak of the state of our mind vehicle, our emotional vehicle and our heart – where did the soul get stuck today, where did the personality over power the soul today, what do  my dreams reveal to me now, how can I grow a little more tomorrow? Am I still on track, where do I need to adjust my compass to maximise my soul journey of growth?

This soul check in moves beyond the limited mental constraints and societal measures, to the part of us that is eternal and on a journey of growth and learning. To the part of us that holds the unfolding mystery to our own individuated mastery. Our 4th dimensional soul self is attuned to our master plan, the blue print or divine pattern of our Spirit self. Soul uses this plan like a map to guide our personality self on the journey of evolution toward creating a perfect match of that divine pattern – right here on earth.  Our 4th dimensional soul self speaks to us in the language of symbols, feelings and subtle intuitions. It sings to us our hearts desires – but can only be a guiding and influencing force in our lives if we are listening.  Subtly. And then responding.

The capacity to return to and sit in the inner silence has long been the most valuable skill that any human could acquire. Beyond the mind and emotions, the human soul holds wisdoms and truths for us that the mind can only be envious of.

While facilitating the First Light® Seeds New Beginnings Set workshops recently I was reminded of the importance and benefits of having a regular reflection practice.  The inner soul skills that develop as a result of regular reflection practise are invaluable to us.  During the First Light® Seeds workshops we objectively examine our core negative beliefs – described as the cosmic lies that we tell ourselves, these negative beliefs lie hidden in our unconscious minds, silently driving our choices and actions.  The soul skills required to track and trace such insidious negative beliefs within our own consciousness can only be acquired through objectivitely practised self reflection techniques.

First Light® Plant essence No 71 Coastal Convolvulus has more wisdom for us regarding self reflection. It speaks to us of the wealth of treasure that can be acquired in pursing soul growth.  Of undertaking a journey of growth and being able to reap the gold from each day’s experiences, gathering the specks of gold from the seeming dross of mundane lives. But in fact acquiring and banking the gold in the soul’s treasure chest as we climb the mountains and face the obstacles that everyday life to put in front of us.  These rewards, this gold eventually becoming a lamp of wisdom, the light that we can shine for others, once we have reached a degree of mastery along our own soul journey.

This is one of the major shifts that spiritual aspirants need to make in their own consciousness here at the beginning of the Aquarian Age. Many Piscean age meditation techniques skip over the soul factor –  the soul growth from everyday life gets left out.  Having denounced the worldly life to pursue spiritual matters in monasteries, temples or caves the Piscean pursuant had no need or means for exploring the world Soul.

But here, in this time now, as the Goddess returns Soul steps forward to regain Her mantle.

Her wisdom is not from books, schools or temples – no, her wisdom is hard fought and hard won. The sort of wisdom that comes from sweat and tears of life experiences, and the conscious effort made to understand and integrate the greater mysteries that they reveal to us, through a daily reflective practise.

Her grace born from the act of returning to silence to consciously make Peace, peace with our consciousness, our lives and our world. Each new day, each fading night.

This reflection brought to you by:
First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Plant Essence No 71 Coastal Convolvulus – Reflection
Provides for us the perfect vibratory support to embody:
The capacity to go within for self-examination and self-reflection; contemplation; restoration of spirit; draw wisdom from life experiences.

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