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I’ve got something to say to Putin…
And all his cronies – his generals, his armies, soldiers and mouthpieces….


In fact I’ve got something to say to everyone, every where, every place where abuse of power and toxic leadership is still exisiting.


You won’t win. Your war and your hate and your abuse of power. In fact – this will sound crazy but – this I know for sure – you have already lost.


And here’s how I know… this photo of a piano is my evidence.


This piano sits as a memorial, a reminder of the cost of bullies and invaders, in the grounds of a school on the outskirts of Sarajevo, Bosnia.


It sits in the exact spot where a tree used to stand, but more on that shortly.


Putin you won’t win, I know for sure the Peace has already won,  because all your hate and your conflict and your chaos can’t possibly conjure up enough barricades to repel the counter moves that we will bring to balance your abuses.


We, the people of peace.

We the healers, the helpers.

The souls who will put things right and repair the damage that you choose to create.

We will come, and we will heal it.

With our remedies of love and song and joy and peace – you can not possibly imagine the love we will bring.

You will not win, Peace has already won.

The men like you, who invaded and warred at this primary school in Sarajevo – they couldn’t imagine how we would heal that place…. in their wildest dreams they could never have stopped us….
Even when they left those landmines in that tree… the tree that stood in the place where this piano is now… that tree that everyone knew children played in… children, playing…
even the minds evil enough to do that, couldn’t stop us…
couldn’t imagine how we would respond…


How a young woman on the other side of the world on the Shore in Auckland, would travel to Europe… how she would see a flyer… how she would be struck by an idea… how her boss in London would say sure, why not, let’s give it a go…. and how an invitation to participate in a Scale-Athon would be sent to hundreds of flautists all over the UK… how 200 teachers and 800 students would practice their scales to raise money…

I kid you not, that’s right, MUSICAL SCALES….

how NZ$100,000 could be raised !!!… how instruments would be purchased and sent to school children putting their lives back together again in Sarajevo… how human angels would appear to get those instruments to those children… how there would be enough money left over to rebuild that bombed out school hall….


How we would stand in that bombed school, that broken community, and sing.

Songs of peace. Songs of love. Songs of the resilience of the human soul…

And it only took us just a few years to do this.

With our bombs of love, and networks of fellowship, our army of humanity.

And our songs…


You won’t win Putin, PEACE  has already won.

You can’t possibly imagine how we will counter move.

Us, the healers, the helpers, the musicians with the good vibrations.


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