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Heal - Balance - Regenerate

 Unique Blends and Personalised Treatment Plans

To assist your soul healing and spiritual journey I offer in person consultations in Rotorua as well as via Zoom.

These can be a one-off, stand alone appointments.

However I also create personalised flower essence programs for people wanting to address chronic issues and make long term changes to their emotional, energetic and spiritual wellbeing. This is the most ideal way to support the unfoldment of your Essence.

My clinic in Kawaha Point, Rotorua is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays and some Saturdays by appointment.  You can pay by direct bank transfer or credit card via Paypal.

natural healing

Consultation and personalised flower essence blend

60min consultation and personalised flower essence blend. Available In-person (Rotorua clinic) or online via Zoom.

During a consultation I will identify a unique blend of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® essences to address any issue or situation you are requiring help with.

$90 – Your consultation will take place in my healing space in Kawaha Point, Rotorua, or online via Zoom.  If the consultation takes place online, your blend of essences will be posted to you.

standing strong in soul

Standing Strong in Soul – 3 month pathway

A three month personalised essence plan designed to establish soul as your standing place in life.

  • Cleanse, strengthen and re-pattern your energy matrix to empower a soul-based life.
  • Identify and address any conditioning blocking the expression of your soul.
  • Repair soul damage.

$350 Includes: 3x 60min In-person (Rotorua clinic) or online consultations, dispensary notes and a total of 5 personalised blends.

The consultations will take place in my healing space in Kawaha Point, Rotorua, or online via Zoom.  If the consultations takes place online, your essences will be posted to you.

standing strong in soul

Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy®

$1800 – This is a 9 session state of the art hypnotherapy program

Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® – Specialist Soul Retrieval, Past Life Therapy and Deep Soul Healing – is a totally new revolutionary holistic healing modality designed to not just create a surface change but to completely and magically transform a person’s consciousness and, as a consequence, their entire life.

During the Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® nine-session program you can:

  • Address deep soul wounds, soul scars and soul skins that keep you stuck in disempowering repetitive patterns
  • Experience true and lasting liberation from past traumas
  • Create not just surface change, but finally address and clear the causative factor of an issue
  • Free yourself from deep and painful unresolved problems that you have not been able to clear or move through
  • Create an unbreakable link with your soul, the source of true power so you can access your full potential and live your unique destiny


Be Your Essence

Leanne Harper-Lambert
Kawaha Point
New Zealand
t: 021 075 3486

Leanne Harper Lambert

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