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Be Your Essence

Welcome to my sacred space,
a healing temple for your Soul work

Leanne Harper Lambert - Modern day medicine woman

I am

Leanne Harper Lambert

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Tutor
and Registered Practitioner – Dip.NZNFE,
HypnoSuccess® Soul Coach and
Hypnotique Protocol® Esoteric Hypnotherapist – Dip.HPEH

I am a healer and modern day medicine woman
– a continuous student of the occult sciences
and 21st Century householder and spiritual practitioner.

I create sacred space for people to heal holistically, I guide my clients through their deep soul work and spiritual journeys.

I help people let go and clear away the affects of trauma, pain, grief, regret, burdens from their past, childhood conditioning, karmic blocks,  fears or any kind of obstacle that they are creating for themselves, that is getting in the way of their evolutionary progress and self mastery.

I support others to create the energetic freedom they need to re-story their lives, re-claim their power to take charge of their experiences, and choose the reality that they wish to live.

It’s deep work, it’s truly transformative life-changing work, and I love it.

My holistic healing tools of choice are powerful Aquarian Age soul-focused healing modalities –  flower essences, specifically First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®  which are completely natural energetic remedies made from Aotearoa’s plants and trees. This is holistic healing that works with the sacred plant intelligence of this land.

Shamanic life coaching –  HypnoSuccess® Master Keys for Success©. This is like no other coaching program – HypnoSuccess® Shamanic Life Coaching for the Soul© works with the powers of the mind and wisdom of Soul to cooperatively create true success in your life. Each session weaves together the magic of ritual, ancient shamanic healing wisdom, hermetic science and alchemy to close the gap between your everyday reality and what your Soul contracted itself to achieve in this lifetime. 

And esoteric soul and spirit focused hypnotherapy, Shamanic Soul Healing, Specialist Soul Retrieval© and Healing the Spirit Root Cause© hypnotherapy. Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® is systematic, thorough and deeply transformative. It is empowering for the human heart and soul – as such it

restores the sacred essence of our being and lives, and reunites us with the power, intelligence and co-creative wisdom of our own soul.

It’s all quantum stuff, and I’m good at it – I’m a ture, steadfast guide for other souls on their journey.

I incarnated to uplift humanity by raising consciousness.

I stand for the Sacred and purpose good in the world.

I stand in the Oneness, the dance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine,
under the Eighth Ray of the Magenta Star.

I healto bring order, balance and harmony to people’s lives and the world.

I teachto ripple out the blessings I have received and in service to humanity and the Goddess.

Flower Essences, Vibrational Remedies

Flower essences are vibrational remedies that attune us to specific frequencies of wellbeing.

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® are 21st century sacred plant medicines that bring order, balance and harmony to our holistic energetic matrix.

They are a gift from the Goddess herself – a great blessing of love.

They empower us to embrace our uniqueness and live a dynamic, vital and purposeful life.

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®

What are flower essences?

Since time immemorial, healers and ancient wisdom keepers have been aware of the powerful intelligence that is encoded in nature. The Native Americans and ancient Egyptians have always known how to use flowers, water and sunlight to facilitate wellbeing.   Paracelsus in the 15th century wrote about how he collected dew from flowering plants to address health imbalances and assist with natural healing.

Dr Edward Bach, the pioneer of modern-day flower essences, developed the range of 38 Bach remedies in the 1930’s from English flowers.

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® are completely natural preparations made from individual New Zealand native flowers, ferns, trees, seeds and plants.

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® are powerful tools for personal transformation and for restoring harmony, creating balance and maintaining order.

Made with water, plants and sunlight, flower essences contain the energetic blueprint of a flower or plant. When made in cooperation with plant devas and following the correct sacred protocols, flower essences become vibrational medicine that can be called “healing waters”.

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® are pristine plant vibrations or plant energy held in pure water. Based on the ancient holistic healing principle that vibration moves faster through water, the holistic healing vibration of a plant is transferred to a person who takes the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® via a natural process of resonance transfer. Resonance transfer is a dynamic natural and non-intrusive process of working with the powers of nature.

What is HypnoSuccess® Shamanic Life Coaching?

Discover the Keys to Your Soul Contract to Unlock Your Destiny and Experience True Success

This is like no other coaching program – HypnoSuccess® Shamanic Life Coaching for the Soul Master Keys to Success© works with the powers of the mind and wisdom of Soul to cooperatively create true success in your life.

 Each session weaves together the magic of ritual, ancient shamanic healing wisdom, hermetic science and alchemy to close the gap between your everyday reality and what your Soul contracted itself to achieve in this lifetime. 

It is an amazing evolutionary accelerator, that establishes your Soul and it’s objectives firmly as the navigator of your life.

Single sessions to unlock a single Master Key in your Soul Contract are available, as well as a systematic and holistic 5-session Shamanic Life Coaching program. Sessions can be undertaken monthly, fortnightly or weekly, as suits your budget and schedule. Coaching is very well suited to Zoom consultations, and supportive flower essence blends are included. You can read more here.

What is esoteric hypnotherapy?

The Soul – our true character and a source of true power

The soul is that inner part of us that we can easily become disconnected or disengaged from and in so doing, losing touch or moving out of relationship with this vital aspect of ourselves. It is the part of us that holds all the knowledge of all of our experiences in this life and previous lives. It is also that part of us that can easily get stuck, blocked, lost, disconnected and fragmented. The soul can lose or give away its power, or vital pieces of itself as a result of life experiences that range from ordinary everyday occurrences, to traumatic, or more challenging life events.

When soul loss or fragmentation occurs, we may be constantly searching for something outside of ourselves. This searching is prompted by a feeling that something is missing, something is wrong, something is ‘off track or off course.’ It can be a feeling of being trapped, blocked, stuck or lost at a deep inner level. Sensing, feeling, intuiting or knowing at some core part of ourselves, at some deep level that something is missing we unconsciously try to fill the gap or the void with external people, possessions, food, etc.

What is the Hypnotique Protocol®?

Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® is the world’s first powerful soul-centred, soul-based and soul focused esoteric hypnotherapy modality that can help you to achieve transformative breakthroughs.

It is a cutting edge, sophisticated holistic hypnotherapy process proven to deliver outstanding and lasting results. One of the secrets of the power and success of the Hypnotique Protocol® is that it is totally soul and spirit oriented.

It is true esoteric soul focused hypnotherapy that works at a deep level to effect transformational shifts in consciousness that are not able to be achieved by any other means.

It is the world’s first specialist soul retrieval hypnotherapy protocol. You can read more here.

My Good Medicine – the sacred gifts that I work with

First Light Flower Essence 21 Hinau - saced space


Sacred Space
First Light® No 21 Hinau

My First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® personality keynote brings the medicine of trusting one’s intuition.
And meeting life with the certainty of one’s inner wisdom.

First Light Flower Essence 65 Tree Fuchsia - Feminine power

Tree Fuchsia

Feminine Power
First Light® No 65 Tree Fuchsia

With this ‘good medicine’ I embody the fullness of the dynamically receptive yin energy at a soul level. Here at the beginning of the Aquarian Age, the Goddess returns and brings with her all Her soul powers, all Her healing, all Her magic. We celebrate these powers and gifts, we value them.

First Light Flower Essence 126 Tree of life orchid - Express you authentic self

Tree of Life Orchid

Fairy of the Lower Earth
First Light® No 126 Tree of Life Orchid

Connecting with the core of our Earth Mother and those that dwell there provides the ‘good medicine’ that ensures our most primal and authentic Self is free to express in the world. Hidden there are the secrets and mysteries of the creative word.

First Light Flower Essence 46 Totara - Inner power


Inner Power
First Light® No 46 Totara

The medicine of being empowered from within, standing in one’s own power and uniqueness to radiate one’s inner light
out into the world.
The whole of humanity needs this medicine.

First Light Flower Essence 117 Clutha river daisy - transition between worlds

Clutha River Daisy

The Crone
First Light® No 117 Clutha River Daisy

The good medicine of clearing ancestral lines and extracting the wisdom
and grace from life’s challenges.
I assist souls to prepare and transition between worlds.

First Light Flower Essence 177 Looking glass plant - self reflection

Looking Glass Plant

Sacred Temples of the North
First Light® No 177 Looking Glass Plant

In my most cosmic expression I hold up a mirror for you to reflect upon. That you may Know that we are the same, One, a MIRRa-cle. This is the most loving medicine and sacred blessing I can offer you, in the name of the Goddess.


Be Your Essence

Leanne Harper-Lambert
Kawaha Point
New Zealand
t: 021 075 3486

Leanne Harper Lambert

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